SHINee have returned to the K-pop scene with "Dream Girl" (a song we were really excited to hear). The new tune is surprising, but not at all for the reasons we were expecting. After the forward-thinking "Sherlock (Clue + Note)," and the experimental "I Got a Boy" from SHINee's labelmates, Girls' Generation, "Dream Girl" is a surprisingly safe, straightforward slice of bubblegum pop. In fact, it's virtually the same song as the group's 2009 chart-topper, "Juliette." Whether you think that's a good thing or not depends on whether you've been a fan of the more left-field direction that SM Entertainment has taken over the past 12 months, or if you've been hankering for them to return to the more typical-sounding K-pop beats of the past.

Iffy song aside, SHINee have really delivered on the music video front (as they always do). The clip is filled with fly fashion, razor shape dance moves, colorful special effects, and an almost unhealthy amount of floral prints.

Check out ten of the MV's most amazing moments, below.

These pants could get you beaten up in some places.

Jonghyun suffers the world's most dramatic migraine.

Onew turns yellow!

Key turns pink!

Taemin prays for a pair of shorts that don't ride up so high.

Jonghyun suggestively bites his lower lip. (Dino, please don't tempt us like this.)

Onew searches for a missing contact lens.

Grueling rehearsals for SHINee's comeback stage take a toll on a tired Taemin.

Chick's face opens up, flowers come out.

We always knew Minho was taller than his bandmates, but this is just too much.