The new SISTAR19 single, "Gone Not Around Any Longer," hasn't even been out for two days yet, and it's already obliterating Korea's digital songs charts. (Just as we knew it would.) While the song itself is good enough to warrant its sky-high sales, we're pretty sure that some of the folk buying it were simply seduced into downloading it after checking out the official music video. It's the hottest clip to come from SISTAR yet, and if the group keeps this up, they're going to snatch Brown Eyed Girls' title as Korea's No. 1 sexy idols.

Check out ten of the sexiest moments from the "Gone Not Around Any Longer" music video, below!

The most iconic dance move of 2013: the table butt wipe.

Hyorin, home alone, dressed suggestively, vulnerable and in need of a friend. 

Bora gives one hell of a come hither stare.

"Touch my body, put me on the floor..."

Hyorin & Bora wearing their boyfriends' over-sized shirts and not much else.

Piggyback to the bedroom! 

"Ah, push it!"

Dial 1800-hottie to chat to Bora. She's lonely and needs to hear your voice right now!**

**Calls cost $18.99 per minute. Additional charges may apply when calling from a mobile phone. 

Doesn't Bora realize that he's only giving her snuggles on the hood of the car so he can get a little somethin' else in the back seat later?

Eyes Wide Shut, K-pop style.

And finally, the actual video itself.