SECRET is known for its sexy image, but the group's biggest hits are actually the super cute ones. "Shy Boy" and "Starlight Moonlight" easily outsold tracks like "Poison" and "Love is MOVE" -- "Shy Boy" even bagged SECRET a Triple Crown win on Music Bank, whereas none of their non-cute singles have ever scored them first place on a music program.

With the adorable concept a clear recipe for success for SECRET, the girls have cranked up the aegyo for their new single, "YooHoo," and they're not being subtle about it, either. It's almost like "Starlight Moonlight" all over again, except that "YooHoo" actually sounds like a pop song, not a nursery rhyme. (An utterly flawless nursery rhyme, just so we're clear.)

Of course, SECRET's being wonderfully gaudy with their latest transformation, just as they were when they tried being all horny and sad for five seconds in their underrated stab at electronica, "Talk That." So, check out ten of our favorite OTT moments from SECRET's "YooHoo" music video, below!

This is what pure joy looks like.

What the hell is this expression supposed to be?

SECRET do their best impression of Taylor Swift winning an award. 

Jieun's sleep-drool is like a faucet that you can't turn off.  

Hyosung discovers that Sunhwa ate the last Snickers bar. 

Note to self: Checking out your reflection after being shipwrecked and sleeping on a random beach all day probably isn't much of a self-esteem booster.  

This screenshot is so ridiculously picturesque that it deserves to be on a postcard. 

Jieun sighs as she checks the time and realizes that she's missing Modern Family.  

Hitchhikers or hookers?

We probably wouldn't get in a car with these weird strangers, but that's just us. 

And here's the music video!