South Korean sexpots, Nine Muses, continue going from strength to strength with the release of their new single, "Wild." The song, produced by longtime collaborator, Sweetune, is a departure from January's jazzy "Dolls," with zippy euro-pop production, some epic rap breaks, and sensual lyrics about getting lost in the heat of passion.

"Wild" is already ranking high on digital sales charts, making it another victory for the Muses, who have been gradually growing in popularity with every single they've released since their fizzy disco throwback, "Figaro," back in mid-2011.

As the group's success has grown, so has the quality of their music videos. "Wild" is by far their best looking visual to date, not to mention their hottest and most sexually aggressive. The Muses flash flesh, play with fetish gear, seductively rub blunt razors across their lips -- basically just a bunch of scandalous stuff that generally causes controversy in the conservative K-pop world. Luckily for Nine Muses, it's the kind of controversy that translates to sales, and not the kind that ruins careers (T-ara, we're looking at you).

Check out our favorite wild moments for the new Nine Muses music video, below!

Kyungri glamorously spritzes herself with Thierry Mugler's Angel perfume

Mistress Sera brings out the whip

Erin delivers the fiercest girl group rap break of 2013

When Supermodels Attack: Leesem protests against her unjust lack of lines by wielding a pistol and looking flawless

Sungah seductively rubs a red rose all over her divine body

KAPOW!!! It's Kyungri, bitch!!!

Eunji whips her hair back and forth, receives whiplash, remains flawless

Leesem once again protests against her lack of lines by giving Korea more boobage than it can handle


Hyuna paints her toenails while wearing a collar and chain


Nine Thrifty Muses reuse the outfits from their 2011 Maxim shoot

And here's the video!