MTV has resurrected the model-centric '90s hit show House Of Style, formerly hosted by the likes of Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn, and Molly Sims. Now hosted by supermodels Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls, the show's latest episode takes a look in the closet of the no-longer-closeted lead singer of Florida-based punk rock band Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace. Grace made the decision to transition from male to female "2 or 3 years ago" - she was born Thomas James Gabel - and publicly came out this year. She now happily shares clothes and a home with wife Heather Gabel and daughter Evelyn.

The episode is full of touching moments. Turns out it's pretty cool watching a woman show off her Margiela boots on House of Style while talking about watching the show as a little boy. Here are 12 of the episode's most inspirational moments:

1. When She Talked About Seeing Herself in Madonna As a Young Boy

“One of my most vivid memories of associating with a female was seeing Madonna and just being like, ‘That’s me.’”

2. When She Went All Acoustic and Emotional

“After you come out and after you start talking about it, you kind of feel stupid for how long you haven’t dealt with the issue, because people have been so overwhelmingly supportive. The amount of trans girls or trans guys that come out to our shows and always stick around to say hi afterwards… it’s encouraging.”

3. When Her Wife Was the Most Supportive Wife Ever

"Watching Laura's style transition has been... really awesome." Laura thinks so too.  “I’m probably one of the luckiest transsexuals in the world in that… I have the same size shoe as my wife.”

4. When The Cutest Punk Rock Family Ever They Took a Leisurely Stroll

What a happy punk-rock family.

5. When She Pulled Out the Vintage Stuff

Laura shows off a vest she's had since she was 19, and a Dead Kennedys shirt she's had since she was 13. “When I was a young punk kid and I was dumpster diving and wearing this, and this, I think it’s important for you to know that I was still going home at night and washing my face with Clinique. There’s no reason why you can’t be punk and have good skin.”

6. When She Came Out in Mossimo

"This is the dress I wore the first time I went out in public dressed female to meet my psychotherapist."

7. When She Revealed Her Clothing Goals

“Sometimes I’ll buy, like, an item of clothing, like I'll get this piece of clothing as a goal to eventually look good in it or feel comfortable in it. These shorts are my current goal." We want to feel comfortable wearing those out too, Laura.

8-11. Literally Whenever Her Daughter Evelyn Did Anything

Like jump on the bed.

Or climb a tree.

Or have fun with plastic ware.

Man, this kid is cute.

12. When She Talked About Why She's Being So Brave (And We Cried)

"The only reason I’m putting myself out here and talking about anything is because there have been so many trans girls on YouTube, or that I’ve read about, that put themselves out there and made their knowledge available that I feel like I have to return the favor. When I was 14-years-old, if I was watching House of Style, watching a transsexual being interviewed and talking about that… it would have completely changed my life. It would have felt safe.”