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"13 Reasons Why" Season 3 Trailer Looks Like Absolute Trash and We Love It

Bryce Walker is finally dead and we're so excited.


13 Reasons Why is irredeemable.

It wouldn't be unfair to call 13 Reasons Why the worst fictional show of the past few years. The first season delighted in romanticizing teen suicide. The second season drew attention to the nationwide issue of high school boys sodomizing other high school boys in the bathroom with mops. It's just absolute, utter trash. But at the same time...it's sooooo good.

No, 13 Reasons Why is not good as in "good quality" or "good writing" or "good for humanity." It's good like "absolutely f**king bonkers." 13 Reasons Why is like a parody of teen melodramas that takes itself 100% seriously. And the season 3 trailer? Oh God, it's perfect. Horrible. But perfect.

13 Reasons Why: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix www.youtube.com

Okay, so first of all: LITERALLY SCREAMING.

Secondly, the Season 3 trailer is peak 13 Reasons Why perfection.

Bryce Walker sucks so hard. SO HARD. Now, he's dead, finally murdered by one of his classmates. Finally. For two seasons, viewers put up with Bryce's smug, punchable face. Justin Prentice, the actor who plays Bryce, seems like a super nice dude, but his face stirs a deep primal rage within my very bones.

bryce walker Sorry Justin, but I want to punch your face.Netflix

When the voice over says, "anyone could have done this," they're so right. Literally every character has motivation to kill Bryce. The dude is a rapist, abuser, and overall monster. 13 Reasons Why has drummed up a murder mystery where every character is justified and we will be rooting for the killer to get away with it no matter what. Incredible.

What drama. What garbage. What a guilty pleasure.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 hits Netflix on August 23rd and we literally cannot wait.

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