Do We Really Need More Period Films About White Guys?

Films set during times when women and people of color had little influence offers an easy cop-out for their erasure.


1917 is the third stylized period movie to release a trailer this week.

As Oscar season approaches, white male directors gear up to release period pieces starring more white men. Among these upcoming movies is a project about the American mob scene of the 20th century and even a project about (white) people stranded in a New England lighthouse in the late 1800s. By setting films during a time when women and people of color had little influence, directors have an easy cop-out for the lack of diversity in their casting choices. #OscarsSoWhite may reappear next February for these reasons.

Admittedly, the director of Skyfall, Sam Mendes, appears to portray a historic moment with beautiful visuals in the new trailer for 1917, but war films of this nature feel beaten to death by a club. All of this is not to say the visionary director did not create a worthwhile film, but films like The Irishman and 1917 depict narratives that have been told a thousand times. Come on Hollywood, let's tell some new stories.

Watch the 1917 trailer here:

1917 - Official Trailer [HD]

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