If you're a convicted felon in America, chances are you do not vote. But don't worry—Two Chainz is here to help you out.

According to Reuters, the United States contains roughly 20 million convicted felons, 1.5 million of which are currently serving time. Because of varying state laws, more than five million of those felons cannot vote (which is its own issue) but of the 15 million who still have the right to take part in our democratic process, only one in five actually do—mainly because they believe they aren't allowed to vote.

That's where Two Chainz comes in. The former Playaz Circle member, a convicted felon himself since the age of 15, is speaking out about voting, and hoping to educate felons on how to properly exercise their rights.

"As a felon you somewhat become disenfranchised," Two Chainz told FUSE. "You don't have a say-so over what goes on in your personal community."

To that effect, the "Birthday Song" rapper has joined with RespectMyVote.com to speak to felons on how they can get their voting rights reinstated. This is normally the part where we would say something snarky, but we honestly think what Two Chainz is doing here is really awesome. Every vote should count.