2 Chainz drops video for "Good Drank"

Taking our babies, no Harambe!

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In a throwback to Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, and the Jazz Age, 2 Chainz has finally released a music video for "Good Drank," a single featuring Quavo (of Migos) and Gucci Mane.

With Quavo on the chorus and Guwop on second verse, the song has definitely been the blowout hit of 2 Chainz's mixtape Hibachi For Lunch. I mean, who can ignore the catchiness of that opening line: "Used to treat my mattress like the ATM"? If there's one thing that Tity Boi knows at this point, it's how to start the track off right. Of course, major props also go to Mike Dean for producing this joint, who 2 Chainz even shouts out halfway as a living legend. And he appreciates that, Mike.

Pictured: A living legend. Not pictured: 2 Chainz's appreciation of it

One other thing that's worth mentioning, is this song as clear evidence that we're living in a Gucci Mane-aissance. Okay, on paper the words "Renaissance" and "Mane" seem like they should be able to combine, tell me not. Regardless, the East Atlanta Santa has been killing it ever since his release from prison back in late May. Like a phoenix that's rised from the ashes of that blunt you smoked, Gucci is better than ever, and "Good Drank" is definitely proof of that. Hearing him spit on his verse, "3 Mill in a month, but I just did 3 years on a bunk," it only reinforces how long he's been waiting to make this comeback. Enough to almost bring codeine tears to your eyes.


Can we also appreciate how delightfully low-budget this whole thing seems? I understand Gucci Mane taking part, but 2 Chainz is no stranger to the Billboard 100, with Quavo currently at Number 1 with Migos's "Bad and Boujee." Yet the whole thing still looks like it only cost about… $1,000 bucks? Not knocking them for it, obviously you can't trap all day and blow it all on your wild visuals. The only thing we really had to see was a Prohibition -era dressed man pour lean in his drink.

With songs on Soundcloud now eligible for Grammy noms, can we get an Oscar for this video? Check out the video for "Good Drank" below!

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