20 Things Justin Bieber Can't Live Without

If you know anything about Justin Bieber, you're probably aware that he was discovered by R&B star Usher, dates Selena Gomez and drives an electric car that has chrome for a paint job. But even Justin's biggest fans probably can't name the snacks that get him through the day, the animated show he watches the most or his favorite celebrity baby name. So Popdust asked him. Here are his exclusive answers to these and other key questions. Now you know everything!


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies and Cream

Favorite Junk Food: Swedish Fish or apples dipped in caramel

Favorite Cheat Food on a Diet: I'm never on a diet

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Favorite Animated Show: Family Guy

Favorite Celebrity Baby Name: Blue Ivy

Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Maple Leaves


Favorite Song: Kanye West, Big Sean, and Jay-Z, "Clique"

Favorite Comedian: Martin Lawrence

Favorite Singer: Michael Jackson

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite Video Game: NBA2K

Favorite Celebrity: Chuck Norris

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Favorite Website: Twitter

Favorite Headphones: Beats by Dre

Favorite App: Viddy

Favorite Gadget: iPhone

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Favorite Animal: Porcupine

Favorite City: Hong Kong

Favorite Subject in School: English Literature

Favorite Person in the World: My Mom and Dad


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