Idolator makes a good point in their recent update about Taylor Swift's new album's status—the girl is no Rihanna. Taylor told The Hollywood Reporter that she's taking two whole years to craft the follow-up to her 2009 million-seller Speak Now, an absolutely unthinkable amount of time by Navy standards. “I’ve been writing a lot, and I like to take two years to make a record," explains Swift. "We’re at the end of year one and I still have a year left to go to write… It’s looking really great.” Sure, Taylor, take your time. Why not take a semester abroad while you're at it? How about you take a year to "find yourself"? Yeah, go for it. Clock's not ticking on your career or anything.

Then again, if everyone lived by Rihanna's calendar, music would need to be consumed so rapidly by listeners that eventually we'd have to take to just reading the Wikipedia descriptions for most songs, so perhaps it's for the best. Rest well, Taylor. We'll see you in the 4th quarter of '12.

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