After keeping busy in the second half of the year of this year with three new singles, 2NE1 is already preparing to return to the recording studio in January to start working on their next album.

AllKpop confirmed the good news, writing: "After 'Gayo Daejun', the girls will be putting their everything into recording their next album. As we already know, 2NE1's world tour is coming up soon, as well, so the girls will be preparing for that as well."

Although AllKPop said "album," knowing 2NE1 there's still a chance that they might just return with another single. Hopefully they don't, since fans are anticipating a new physical album after four consecutive digital singles spread out over the period of about two-and-a-half years. YG Entertainment's been promising a new 2NE1 album since 2012, but its been repeatedly delayed, along with many of the group's singles.

Hopefully 2014 will mark the return of a more efficient 2NE1 that's managed better, keeps promises, and releases great music on time. "Missing You" was pretty amazing (and probably the best 2NE1 hit since "Hate You" or "I Am The Best"), so more stuff like that would be great!