2NE1's Coming Back With Four New Singles, Including a Reggae One

2NE1 kind of stiffed their fans last year by releasing just one lone digital single ("I Love You"), and then cancelling the mini-album that was promised to follow it. It's okay though, because the foursome's going to make up for lost time by releasing four new singles between now and October, followed by either a new studio album or an EP, depending on how recording goes.

The first single, a reggae track titled "Falling In Love," drops early next month, and then one new single each month will be released, closing with the album in October.

B.A.P also recently announced that they'll be promoting their upcoming mini-album with multiple singles, but this is an approach that 2NE1's been using for years. Their first EP had three singles, their first studio album had five, and their second EP had four. This kind of strategy is normal in Western pop, but it's very different for Korea, where most albums never yield more than one single until they're officially re-released with brand new artwork and additional songs.

As for "Falling In Love" and it's promised reggae sound, we're expecting it to be some kind of super commercial, super catchy pop fusion, like Selena Gomez's "Come & Get It" with reggae instead of Bollywood beats. What do you guys think?

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