2PM Confirms May Comeback, Fangirls Everywhere Faint

Following a two year stint overseas to establish themselves in Japan, 2PM are finally returning to K-pop. After teasing us with Billboards in New York and London, JYP Entertainment's star boy band confirmed that they'll be back in May with a new single (and presumably, a new album) produced by Mr. J.Y. Park himself.

In a statement released by JYP, the label said: "You’ll be able to see an upgraded 2PM. Since it’s their [first] comeback in 2 years, they will be showing a different type of music and stage from the basic 2PM. Songs that the members composed themselves will be included in the album."

K-pop fans love to hate on J.Y. Park for always making his artists release singles that he produced, but for the most part, the bitching is unwarranted. The majority of Park's K-pop productions are great, so they're usually the best way to go, even if it is a bit egotistical.

However, if 2PM release a "Touch" when they've got a "Lips" sitting on their album, then there's gonna be a serious problem.

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