30 Incredibly Cute Photos of Beyoncé and Jay-Z That Make Us Believe in Love

In a year filled with devastating breakups and fledgling relationships—which may or may not be solely for PR purposes—the Jay-Z and Beyoncé bond remains a reliable constant, pointing us in the right direction and giving us a reason to believe in a thing called love—much like Barack and Michelle, Kim and Kroy or Ben and Leslie. Whether they're performing together or just posing for a new photo which will inevitably be stored in the flawless album of their fabulous life, it's hard not to want to print out every cute snapshot and rest it on your mantle—as something to aspire to, natch.

Together more than 10 years with a fifth wedding anniversary coming this April, Bey and Jay have managed to keep their personal relationship mostly private, despite hanging at some of the biggest events in the world and being the subject of conspiracy theories that believe newborn daughter Blue was once a pillow stuffed under her mom's dress. Times are weird, and if the world should end tomorrow—or at any point in the near future—we want to go out looking at adorable photos of these two, and no one else.

Catching up with President Obama is nice, but at the end of the day the Carters are just two normal sports fans who enjoy sitting courtside during NBA games.

In fact, over the years they've watched A LOT of basketball together.

Like, a lot a lot.

We'd be surprised if Bey doesn't have a strong jump shot by now simply from osmosis.

Must be nice when you own your own team, Hov!

Further proving they're a lasting match, they even cheer the same way.

And neither one is afraid to show their affection for one another in between time-outs.

You could say Jay has been Bey's rock...

whether it's lending a steady hand during fancy fashion outings,

Jay Z And Beyonce

letting her be the star of her own Tumblr photo shoot,

Jay Z And Beyonce

Jay Z And Beyonce

Jay Z And Beyonce

or giving her a little push

...not that she needs it.

In turn, Bey has helped Jay work on his moves

Jay Z And Beyonce

Beyonce And Jay Z Fashion Rocks

jay-z beyonce

and his style.

They both have a taste for the finer things in life

and together, they're unstoppable.

Blue Ivy's inevitable success in music/fashion/astrophysics will continue to prove this.

Sorry, Haylor. Doves are cute and all, but you two have a lot to live up to in 2013.

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