Whatever. Selling 300,000 in her 53rd week of sales, who cares? You don't even really need to read this article, do you? You knew that Adele was going to be #1 next week. You know that she's gonna be #1 the week after that. She'll be #1 until she has a good reason not to be #1, and when that happens, you'll be able to see it coming a mile away. Until then, it's just a matter of by how much she's #1, and this week the answer is "a lot, but not enough to be a big deal or anything." 300k does move Adele to about 7.6 million total sold, and gives her a hell of a head start towards 21 being the best-selling album for 2012—which, HitsDailyDouble points out, would make it the first album of the Soundscan era to top the year-end charts two years in a row.

Elsewhere, as previously mentioned, Tyga's album sells surprisingly well for an album with essentially no physical release, looking likely to debut in the 70-80k range on digital sales alone, while Fun. (loooove that period) are set to do about 50-60k for their sophomore set Some Nights. Even Sleigh Bells are gonna have a fairly respectable debut, tabbed to sell somewhere between 25-30k of their SNL-promoted Reign of Terror LP. By the way, all three of those albums are pretty decent, so if you want to add yourself to any one of their totals between now and then instead of just buying 21 for the third or fourth time, don't let us stop you. Here's a small taste of each.


Bulging belly buttons in babies usually go away after year

Chicago Sun-Times January 30, 1992 | Dr. Paul Donohue; Paul G. Donohue (STANDARD) Q. My daughter had a baby boy, who is now about a month old. He has a herniated belly button. It is about the size of a golf ball. I've had four children of my own and three other grandchildren and never experienced this. Should something be done? Please offer your opinion. see here strep throat contagious

A. After birth, the stomach muscles surrounding the umbilical-cord entrance close naturally. When that closure is delayed or incomplete for one reason or another, a hernia, a bulge in the weakened area, occurs. This is very common in babies of low birth weight and more so in black infants than others.

Most umbilical hernias that appear before six months disappear by the end of the baby's first year. Surgery is indicated only if the hernia has not disappeared between the ages of 3 and 5, if it shows progressive enlargement between ages 1 and 2, or if a piece of intestine has become trapped and cannot be freed.

Q. Just recently I found out that a young friend has a rare disease called Alport's. Please tell me about this.

A. Briefly, Alport's syndrome is an inherited illness with two important signs - deafness and kidney disturbance. Although there is no cure, both the deafness and kidney disturbance can be helped. web site strep throat contagious

Q. Is it possible to eat shellfish all one's life and then have anaphylactic reaction to it?

A. Yes. In fact it is the usual thing to have a sudden allergy to something you have eaten with impunity in the past. This happened to me with penicillin.

However, anaphylaxis is an intense and dangerous reaction - breathing loss and great drop in blood pressure, for example. It is, fortunately, a rare allergy manifestation. You have piqued our imagination. Would you like to expand on just what happened to you?

Q. Is a strep throat contagious to others? I am a young mother who will probably have reason to understand strep throat.

A. Yes, it is contagious. This is why a youngster should be kept home until 24 hours after starting antibiotics and until fever has subsided.

Dr. Paul Donohue; Paul G. Donohue (STANDARD)