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What's a cipher without a few bars? Tiany Tunes: Kush Is My Cologne

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My mom sent me a text this morning that said, "Good Morning baby.There's no excuse for not doing your best". I took that motivational message, and used it as my fuel to come up with the best 4/20 playlist I could think of in just twenty songs. This might be easy for some of you, but I don't smoke. I don't have a medical marijuana licence. I do not have a weed man saved in my phone, and I don't have a favorite strain. What I do have is a great ear for music, a system thatallows for a contact high, and memories of my first 4/20 experience.

My freshman year of college, I had some of the smartest friends. I actually don't know why I said that. Maybe to dispel myths of cannabus culture being for the lazy or uneducated? Anyway, they were smart, kind and important. We were in honor dorms (not coed, of course, as that was completely against the southern sensibilities of a school we will simply call Hillman) and programs, full scholarships, and one day in April, everyone kept talking about 4/20. I didn't know what the day was, and my friend Devin said don't worry, I'll show you. There was this apartment complex across the street from our school, we'll call them The Ports. The ports was basically an entire apartment complex filled with Hillman students. We get there at 4:15 (it was very important we get there by 4:20) and there was liquor that cost more than 5 dollars a bottle (rare), music, food, extremely happy people, and weed. I only cared about the food that didn't come from the cafe and I didn't have to buy or cook so early on this night was labeled a win.

Devin suggested we go upstairs and I am a control freak and super safety conscious, I had a we come together we leave together rule all of college so when my friend said let's go upstairs we went upstairs. We opened up a door and it was like another world. People on the floor, on the bed, laughing, speakers and smoke. This was 4/20. "We are at a weed party Devin?" The answer was obvious but I'm one of those people who make you say what I know just to confirm I know it and have it on record that you said it so later we can discuss. He was high so it worked. For a while at least. I learned that night that there is a balance between being inquisitive and blowing someone's high, no one forces you to smoke weed, that the smell of weed alone get's me high, no one knew exactly why it was called 4/20 and that a good playlist unites all.

12 years later I would be talking to Lil Duval about weed while at his Grow House premiere and be inspired to try an edible in a completely legal state in an establishment that made us sign waivers all because he said weed makes him a better person (I think I even said this while biting into a rice krispy treat), but that's another weed week story. Just know I will never do it again. This playlist though? With Kendrick, Lil Wayne, Bob Marley, Jhene Aiko, Gucci, Devin the Dude Snoop, and about 15 other artists, I think I did a pretty good job in just 20 songs. Did I miss your 4/20 staple? Instagram or tweet me and let me know.

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