4minute's 2Yoon to Bring Country Music to K-pop With 'Harvest Moon' Mini-Album

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K-pop is a genre that's essentially built on cherry picking bits and pieces of music from around the world and mashing it all together, but one style that has yet to be swallowed up by K-pop is country. 4minute sub-unit, 2Yoon, are looking to change that, announcing earlier today that they'll release a country dance-pop tune called "24/7" on the 17th. The song will serve as the lead single from the duo's upcoming debut mini-album, Harvest Moon. (Not to be confused with the Super Nintendo classic of the same name, of course.)

2Yoon's fresh musical approach should give them an edge --at least as far as originality goes-- over fellow sub-units, INFINITE-H and SISTAR19, both of which are launching this month. But can a K-pop star really pull off a country sound? Sorry, a dance-pop country sound. It could either turn out to be completely amazing, or an utter trainwreck. The best case scenario would probably be "Volume Up," but with a mandolin in place of the saxophone riff.

We hope that Jiyoon and Gayoon have been doing their homework on crossover countrified dance-pop from some of the masters of the genre: Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, and most recently, Taylor Swift. Perhaps 2Yoon can even tide us over until Shania finally decides to make a comeback. It's only been, oh, almost 11 years since Up! was released. No rush, Shania.

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