The debut of 4minute's sub-unit, 2Yoon, is right around the corner. To whet our appetite for one of the most anticipated K-pop projects of 2013, Cube Entertainment has just released the first 2Yoon teaser photos. And they're very, um, interesting?

The pics show member Gayoon looking all prettied up and posing innocently with a brood of fluffy chicks. It's oh-so-adorable, but it also looks like a commercial for fabric softener. Either that, or the long-awaited sequel to Fly Away Home. It's a drastic change from 4minute's usual concepts, which are always fierce and sexy to match the group's signature electro-pop sound. The look look is to tie-in with 2Yoon's fresh sound, which Cube Entertainment is promising will be something that has never been heard in K-pop before. Considering that K-pop already served us something we had never heard before with Girls' Generation's brilliant (and completely bonkers) new single, we're super pumped to see what 2Yoon will bring to the table.

2Yoon's debut mini-album drops on January 17th. You can read about some more K-pop sub-units scheduled to debut this month by clicking here.