"What's Your Name?" is far from being the greatest 4minute single ever released, but it's on its way to becoming a big hit for the group if its real-time chart positions are anything to go by. The hip-pop track has been ruling various digital charts since its release on Friday, and managed to log almost four days straight --on and off-- at No. 1 on the instiz real-time iChart. It's since fallen to No. 2, just behind Roy Kim's "Spring Spring Spring," but the difference between the two hits is small.

"What's Your Name?" is a big change for 4minute, with both a sound and visual style that's much closer to HyunA's solo career than anything that the group's ever done before. With that in mind, it'll be interesting to see if "What's Your Name?" has longevity on the charts, or, if like HyunA's "Ice Cream," it has a huge first-week and then spirals downwards.

Other than Roy Kim, 4minute's biggest competition right now is SECRET, who just released their new single, "YooHoo." T-ara N4 are also starting to gain on the digital charts following a so-so start yesterday, and could continue to climb as the week progresses.

The Triple Threat match between SECRET, 4minute, and T-ara is officially on!