5 Best Tracks From Meghan Trainor's New Album 'Thank You'

Plus, producer Ricky Reed shares some quick thoughts on favorite tracks and album's overall direction.

It's Meghan Trainor's world; we're all just living in it. The singer's sophomore studio album titled Thank You is a dynamically-adventurous departure from her doo wop-heavy debut album, Title. With producer Ricky Reed at the helm for the majority of the project, the new collection of would-be smash hits is more funk-based, with considerable soca and urban influences. She even dabbles in Britney Spears-worthy grind, as found on her current single Me Too. "Meghan has such incredible swagger and confidence in her day-to-day life, and we just wanted to capture that in sonic form," Reed tells Popdust.

Notably, the LP's first release No struck a massive chord with the music-buying public, and not-surprisingly, the track was one which "came immediately" in the studio "fully written and produced from scratch in about seven hours." Elsewhere, Watch Me Do (one of the set's brashest moments) was another that didn't take too long to build. "For [that song] we basically had 'I'm the shhh' and the second verse rap and spent a couple days getting the hook right," he says.

Ricky Reed Dishes On Meghan Trainor’s New Single ‘No’ & Upcoming Album ‘Thank You’

Throughout much of Thank You, Trainor dabbles in Rihanna-esque moodiness (Better, Woman Up), island breeze (Just a Friend), funk (with the I Love Me chant⎯which Reed says is "a gospel song in disguise...very spiritual and about self love") and revisits the charm of her John Legend-featuring hit Like I'm Gonna Lose You with this era's equally subdued Hopeless Romantic.

"The power and personality of Meghan's voice is really the glue that ties together a really eclectic album," Reed asserts.

While the producer does love I Love Me "so much," he also points to Better and Just a Friend as being potentially "big ones" for Trainor this era.

Check out Popdust's five favorite tracks from Thank You below:


Watch Me Do

Hopeless Romantic

Kindly Calm Me Down 

I Love Me


Fans can grab Trainor's Thank You now on iTunes, too.

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