Thanks to the video for her breakout single "Call Me Maybe," we already know what Carly Rae Jepsen likes to wear while washing her car, dreaming about the tatted-up, ripped boy who cuts her grass, and performing with her garage band, but what about when she actually leaves the house?

All is revealed in her new video, "Good Time," co-starring Owl City.

The premise: Carly, merry band of friends in tow, takes a break from New York City to spend a weekend in the country, and a "Good Time" ensues. The song's catchy, but her clothes are equally appealing. Here's how to get the look, piece by piece:


It's always smart to wear a close-toed shoe when tramping around the woods. Safety first, you know. Jepsen's sneaks are by hugely-coveted French brand Isabel Marant and are pretty much sold out everywhere. Luckily, this look has proven so popular that lots of other brands are offering something similar. Our favorites are by Ash, Jeffrey Campbell and Marc by Marc Jacobs.


If you look closely, you'll notice that she has two different shirts on. At first, she's wearing a light-blue Lacoste oxford (very city), but once she arrives at the campout she changes into something a bit more rugged. The very same Lacoste top she's sporting actually on sale right now, and there are plenty of labels making similar chambray shirts. You could splurge on Ralph Lauren or nab this American Eagle one for less than $40.


Plain old denim shorts will always be in style, but tie-dye gives her whole outfit a cool, boho feel. Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal and ASOS all have lookalikes, or you can go the one-of-a-kind route with Runway Dreamz' studded vintage reworks.


Friendship bracelets are a summer standby. Carly's sporting a few high-fashion bangles, including Dannijo's "Eyelien" bracelet. Snap up the exact same piece right here and layer it with a few colorful string versions to get the look.


The singer picks an easy tank dress to wear while dancing around late at night during some sort of straight-edge bacchanalia. This replica from American Apparel is made of cotton jersey, a practical choice when it comes to washing that campfire smell out the next day.