She's come a long way from the Mickey Mouse sweater and jean shorts. Since Azealia Banks hit the scene with "212," the potty-mouthed Harlem rapper's been courted by some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Banks has performed at Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld's house in Paris, was dressed in cowgirl duds by Mugler creative director (and Gaga stylist) Nicola Formichetti for her video for "Liquorice" and was tapped by Alexander Wang to be the new face of his "T" line.

Needless to say, our expectations were raised for Azealia's latest video, "Van Vogue," in which the artist has not one, but five outfit changes. Directed by Rankin, who also oversaw the shoot for "Liquorice," the clip features a few Azealia trademarks including a wide-brimmed black felt hat and lots of bralets. But this time, there are no leather chaps or cut-offs—instead, she's stunning in a masculine-meets-feminine mix of suiting and leather. Here's how to get the look, piece by piece.


Azealia loves this style. She wore a black-and-white bra top at Coachella and recently showed up on the cover of Spin in an iridescent version. VPL makes a style with similarly sporty grosgrain straps, while Free People's vegan leather bustier has that innerwear-as-outerwear thing down. If you're on a budget, Urban Outfitters provides a reasonable facsimile.


Wearing head-to-toe orange isn't too eccentric for pop stars or fashion world types, but a tangerine suit might get stares at the mall. No fear, you can break this one up. Try these ASOS trousers, which have the same tab-front waistband as Azealia's. Or go with Rebecca Minkoff's Becky jacket to wear the color up top (bonus: If you're a size large, it's on sale right here).


Added badass points if you pair it with a cane. Just kidding, even Scott Disick couldn't pull that off and he's the king of dandy dressing. Azealia's got a thing for hats, and wore a lookalike style pulled from her own closet for "Liquorice." This one's easily recreated: Pick up a Jameson fedora from the old-school hat makers at Goorin Bros, put it on and tilt it back just a little. Instant attitude.


When you've got this much going on with your outfit, you want to keep the accessories simple. Dangly earrings like these from Kendra Scott or this pair from Bebe, won't compete with your headgear. Which is great, because we wouldn't want you to have to give up that hat.


Looking like some sort of runway version of Where The Wild Things Are, Azealia wears an oversize metallic gold knit sweater with black leather booty shorts and a crown made of hair. One of these things is not like the other. Forget, for a moment, about what's emerging from her head and focus on the top. That sweater rocks.

Both Kain and Vince make versions that, while much more subtle, still have a desirable sheen and loose weave. For a truly blinged out option, turn to Stella McCartney.