During No Doubt's heyday, Gwen Stefani was quite the trendsetter. Remember the bindi, crop tops and vintage dresses from her Tragic Kingdom phase? She was basically the poster girl for SoCal ska. Tony Kanal was cute and all, but the real reason to watch every new No Doubt video was to see what Gwen would wear.

Now, after a lengthy hiatus, No Doubt has returned with a new single and video for "Settle Down." And it's like we're right back in the '90s. Her hair's still platinum, her abs are still rock-hard, and her lips are still bright red. And the clothes and accessories are classic Gwen. Inspired, we tracked down the five key elements of her video look. Here's how to get it, piece by piece:


Okay, so printed pants have been popular for at least a year, but Gwen kicks it up a notch with a pair that's not only patterned but also adorned with little mirrors, tassels, checkerboard trim, and zippered pockets (plus a bonus butt panel, which is not for the sartorially shy). L.A.M.B. design director Paula Bradley revealed that the pants were created per Gwen's specifications, that "she wanted to be back to her roots." The bad news is that they were custom-made for the singer, but perhaps L.A.M.B. will decide to release a mass-market version if enough fans clamor for them.


It's so clean and preppy and really works in contrast with her bonkers trousers. Gwen's is by Fred Perry (you can just make out their signature laurel wreath motif if you peer close enough). Get it right here, and lop the sleeves off for a carbon-copy look.


The entire band sports bright timepieces, all produced by Belgian brand Ice Watch. The style is the "Ice Flashy," and they're available online for about $150 apiece. We like the way she pairs her neon yellow version with a stack of colorful bracelets.


This is a real throwback of sorts to Gwen's style when No Doubt first got big. Of course, back in the day she would have cut about six inches off the bottom of this tank, but it still looks cool and rockerish left intact. Get yours at LnA, Vince, James Perse, Michael Stars... even Target carries them.


First of all, if you're wondering about that incredibly obvious lip-gloss product placement, remember that Gwen has a contract with L'Oreal. Second, if you don't want to spend the cash on custom nail art, Sally Hansen's got you covered with her "Check It Out" nail polish strips. They're very similar, and they ring in for less than 10 bucks.