Blame it on the humidity, but it appears as though we've gone back in time on this Thursday in August. Will Smith is getting back in the studio and 50 Cent is trying to pretend that he's not yet a seasoned ac-tor and friend Lil Kim hasn't injected 1/3 of the collagen into her face. The latter's not true, of course, but during 50's concert in Perth, Australia on Tuesday, he and Kim met up on stage for a performance of their giant euphemism collaboration "Magic Stick," which dates all the way back to 2003. A lot has changed since then, and it's not just Kim's face! Considering the song's sheer vulgarity alone would be a definite crowd-pleaser among fans, it's surprising this was the first time the two performed it live. Although Kim has been busy, why anyone would want to keep the line "This junk in my trunk ain't made for chumps" from dedicated ticket buyers for eight years is beyond us.