Have you heard of Street King, the 50 Cent-peddled energy drink? No? Well, you've heard of The Hangover though, right? And you remember how Mike Tyson was in it for those couple of scenes? Well, he's not above reprising his role to help his good buddy Curtis promote his juice, as the two flash back to a party the night before in Part One of a viral vid. The party starts slow until 50 spikes Curtis' drink with Street King, and the girls start drinking the stuff as well, and all of a sudden there's pillow fights and hallway chases and dancing and all sorts of good stuff. Then Tyson realizes that he was drugged and he beats 50 and his companion within an inch of their life. (OK, maybe they're saving that scene for Part Two.)

It might not be any less of a Hangover duplicate than the actual Hangover II was, but at least it's considerably shorter. Check it out below.