50 Cent has been guilty of more than one solemn Twitter rant in recent weeks, but any close observer of his feed knows he's not down and out all the time. Forget those label woes and suicidal thoughts—50 Cent uses social media to flirt with overzealous Twitter users pretty frequently! So frequently that someone felt inspired to make a blog dedicated to his virtual flirtation? Ah, the world we live in. Fiddy's Biddies introduces readers to the male and female fans of all ages that 50 corresponds with over Twitter. Most of the time it's just a retweet with a casual "Ok" preceding various requests ("Can we get married please?") or revealing photos—thus suggesting his compliance to more than one thing his PR team would like to forget—but sometimes 50 is funny right back. And creepy and gross, etc. However, thanks to Fiddy's Biddies, we now know his music is more powerful than we originally thought. Has anyone sent this to Interscope? He's clearly due for that new record deal now.