50 Cent: Kelly Rowland "The Most Underrated Female"

Kelly Rowland's having a little bit of a moment, isn't she? After "Motivation" became her first R&B chart-topper since "Dilemma" in 2002, Kelly has found herself in the limelight for the first time since before Beyoncé went solo, and the world is starting to recognize how late-arriving her comeback was. After Cee-Lo made all sorts of inappropriate quasi-advances on her during her appearance on his FUSE show, the latest pop star to come out of the woodwork to show his appreciation for the second-most-famous DC'er is rapper 50 Cent. Quoth Fiddy:

I'm so happy Kelly got that hit record. She's due; she's so due. She's the most underrated female soloist in the game, and it's finally time for her...There wasn't no dance moves Beyoncé was doin' that Kelly wasn't doin'. It's just the right song. You got the song, now you can forget about it. It's going. They all did the same moves...I think it's just time for her. This year is her year.

Well...we still think there are a couple of qualities that separate Kells and the Queen B aside from mere fortunate timing. But after the decade or so of unfortunate Garfunkeldom she's had to suffer through, we'll let 50 dump a little exaggerated praise on Ms. Rowland. Plus, he also reps for Big Sean's "My Last" and Frank Ocean's "Novacane"! Good head on his shoulders, that 50 Cent. Aside from everything else he does ever, anyway.

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