50 Shades of One Direction: The Steamiest Bits of 1D Fan Fiction on the 'Net


One Direction has built a large and intense fanbase around the globe in the two short years since their X Factor inception. The band's supporters will sing along with every word and weep mascara tears on command, but these days listening to your favorite band's music and camping out to see them live doesn't mean a thing if you're not letting your imagination run wild once you get back home.

Fan fiction is alive and well in the Directioner community, with many authors pushing the limits of reality and humility when crafting their idealized versions of the 1D world. As followers of One Direction and avid readers, we couldn't help but explore the endless digital shelves of this sub-culture, which covers everything from graphic hangouts with Justin Bieber to the Hunger Games crossover sequels movie studios didn't know they wanted. The guys have mostly entertained these elaborate tales, with Louis Tomlinson only recently speaking out about the implications associated with the deep "Larry Stylinson" genre. Below, our selection of the 50 greatest, grittiest and most explicit selections culled from the aspiring romance novelists who make up the One Direction fan fiction community.

Warning: Many of these stories veer off into decidedly NSFW territory.

In the most popular category of fan fiction, dreams come true for one lucky girl:


Kate was not naïve, she knew that there were hundreds of adolescent girls who would have her head simply because she ran into some guy in some mall. The fans, no matter how adoring they were to the boys, were still crazy in Kate's eyes. No matter how much he downplayed it, Kate knew that the hate mail he was getting towards her was only getting worse.

It was for these reasons that Kate knew she had to say goodbye even though it was the last thing she wanted to do. “I'm sorry, Harry,” she choked as tears ran from her eyes, “I love you.”

A British Summer


"Are you..really like what those websites say? That you've slept with lots of girls?" My throat tightened.

"Ah." He didn't look surprised. "I can't deny it.........that I was. As in the past. I used to sleep with loads and loads of them. It seems like such a long time ago, but I stopped a little after Christmas." He laughed sheepishly. "I went home to my family..and my mom told me I was living my life wrongly. That it wasn't the way it was supposed to me. That she was proud of what I'd done, but not who I was. So I stopped."

My Fake Boyfriend Harry Styles


Why are boys from other countries real gentlemen while American guys just suck? The voice in my head chuckled. No wonder I was leaving America.

“Sorry about that,” a deep voice shattered the thoughts. I had completely forgotten about the boy sitting next to me.

I turned towards him slightly and smiled politely, “Oh don’t worry about it.”

The boy had curly ash blonde hair and deep brown eyes. His smile lit up his face. “I’m Liam,” he said his accent becoming evident.

A World of Differences


Louis just looked at me, for I don’t know how long, but I didn’t mind. It wasn’t one of those awkward looks it just felt right. He sat down next to me and took my hand. I smiled at him but he broke into tears “shhh shhh” I cooed “What’s wrong?” I asked him thoroughly confused.

“I’m so so sorry” was all he choked out before a wave of fresh sobs hit him. It broke my heart to see him like this.

—Trust Your Heart


I turned to him, and raised my eyebrow, chuckling a bit. I wasn't mad that he didn't tell me, it wasn't his fault!

"Yeah..About that, I'm kinda..famous..and in a boyband..and we're world-wide known." He said, sheepishly, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Sounds fun." I told him, nodding enthusiastically. Before a thought came to my head; he was one of the guys on the poster that gave me a paper-cut!

—Kiss Me, Louis Tomlinson: A Love Story


How many times had Rose come into work, listening to One Direction’s songs? How many times had she sat there, at the desk, during her shift, imagining what it would be like if they walked in?

Years. Fucking years.

And now she was talking to two fifths of them at the vending machine by the toilets.

My Only Direction


"As you may or may not know, while your mother was pregnant with you we couldn't keep up with the bills and we could barely put food on the table. We couldn't handle your two brothers and with another on the way, there was no way we would be able to keep up. But we had friends… Rich friends who had wanted a daughter really badly. Their names were Yassar and Trisha Malik. They had been trying and failing to get pregnant for years, they finally got pregnant, but to their dismay, it was a boy-"

"Trisha was so sad and we needed the money!" I looked at her in confusion as my father started up again.



I noticed him leaning in towards me. I felt my eyes flutter close as his lips met mine. They were soft and sweet. It was like one of those movie moments where you feel the spark between you two. I had never felt the spark before. Not with Harry or any of my past boyfriends. But Niall was different. The spark was never ending.

A Week With Five Sex Gods


“Delilah can we please stop fighting I wanna be-” he tried but I stopped him.

“Friends Harry? Cause that worked out so well the first time.” I huffed.

Before I could think or say anything to him I found his hands scooping my cheeks and then something even more uncalled for. His lips on mine.

I stood there confusingly as he crashed them into mine making me dizzy as my stomach tossed and turned at his touch.

—Ugly Duckling


“Boys come on out! I have someone to introduce to you!” Uncle Simon called out. Just then a boy who had a towel draped around his hips walked out. He had brown curly hair with the green eyes. It was safe to say he was pretty hot.

Followed by him was a guy in red pants, a striped shirt, and suspenders. He wrapped his arm around curly beaming. Gay. Out walked two guys now a blonde with to die for eyes and another with normal brown hair. Lastly walked in a guy with black hair and boring brown eyes but they still sparkled. These were like walking sex gods, oh my gosh.

Simon Cowell's Niece 


Some girls are even lucky enough to have One Direction's babies:


Chasity slipped out of the bathroom, the pregnancy test which read positive, hidden in her clutch bag. Niall was standing beside Louis as one of his three best men and she would have to wait until later to tell him.

The Tomlinson/Jones Wedding


"And that killed me. It killed me”, Louis continued, “Because from then on, I had to live with the fact that I was in love with the same girl that my best friend was. That I was going to have a kid, and every time you would look at him like he ruined your plan for your life."



By the time we all woke up the next morning, everything inside the house had calmed down and the One Direction crew had moved back to their offices to sort out all the lies Coco had sold. The only truth being that Liam and Illyria had slept together, she had said that Winona and Alistair were really Liam’s, that Illyria and Louis stayed in their relationship because of everything that had happened with Harry and I in the press, saying that the band couldn’t handle another relationship scandal.

—I Wish


“What’s the matter beautiful?” Harry asked, pulling me close into his chest.

“I have just ruined your career and your life.” My voice rebounding off his skin.

“Hey?” Harry lifted my chin up. So I was looking into those amazing eyes. “This won’t ruin my career. And if you are my life. And if you are pregnant, this baby is my life as well.” Harry patted my belly lightly.

Happily Ever After


"Congratulations...you have a son..." whispered the midwife handing me a small baby boy wrapped in a blue blanket. I let out a small laugh as I held him gently on my arms and let a tear roll down my cheek...

"He's so beautiful..." I whispered intrigued by the small baby in my arms, his eyes closed as if he was sleeping, he was fidgeting slightly as his chest slowly moved up and down as he took deep breaths in...

"Just like his mother..." Liam added to the earlier statement kissing me lightly on the forehead.

Always and Forever


Of course,  things don't always stay so PG:



“You want me.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement. He pressed his body against mine, his foot sliding between my two. I let my hands slide down his chest to his abs, feeling the dips through his shirt.

“You want me.” I countered. I found myself hoping that the hardness lightly pressing into my thigh wasn’t his wallet or mobile.

Thin Line


Everything inside Niall’s body shouted for him to go fast, pick up the pace, but he reminded himself he had time. He could cherish this moment, saviour the noises she made against his lips when he stroked over her clit just so. He drank it all in, to the way she felt against him to the sounds that rumbled down his throat as she kissed him with fervor.

He pulled back and trailed kisses down her warm, only light tanned, skin and she sighed into his hair as he moved his fingers a bit faster. She was making choked little gasping noises and Niall loved the way they sounded right by his ear.

Find the Words to Say


He watched me as I pulled myself out of the water to my knees and moved my wet hand across his neck and into the back of his hair. He loved my body. No matter how hard he tried to deny us, he couldn’t deny that. He’d spent too many endless hours pouring over it. Licking every inch. Sinking his teeth into it. Gripping it. Cumming on it. My body was my greatest ally when it came to getting him. I’d lured him in countless times with it. Now I was wet and glistening and he was looking. His eyes drinking in the parts of me exposed to him. Everything below my waist still submerged in the milky water.

—Can't Do Better


I opened my mouth to say something but was stopped by Harry shoving his tongue into my mouth kissing me forcefully. I let out a groan at the impact of the kiss and bit down on his bottom lip roughly. That only made him mad even more, and he snuck his hands down to my ass grabbing it roughly. I kissed him back, running my fingers through his hair, pulling hard. This kiss was so intense and full of anger. Was it bad that I was enjoying it?

—Rough Nite


Harry was quick to yank his shirt over his torso, tossing it aside as he did with hers moments earlier. He picked up the black scarf of hers and fingered it for a moment, looking up at her, still in the same position, waiting to be told what to do.

“Move over to the headboard. Don't turn around. I like you in this position..” He licked his lips as he watched her crawl on all fours closer to the headboard, where he began to tie the scarf.

Dark Side


I’d never known anyone who could fuck me like that; who could work my body and make me feel the things that he did. The chemistry and the passion was overwhelming. I loved pushing him with how cold and what a bitch I could be, because that was always when he fucked me best; often driven into a frustrated rage that lead to us fucking each other stupid for hours on end; him forcing me to bend over his kitchen table as he took me, him leaving bruises on my hips that’d last for days, me purring filth into his ear and hearing his gravelly groan.



But why stick with one boy, when you could have all five?


“Zayn. I know you can’t, and I’m okay with it. I’ll be able to survive with you being gone and all. I’ll still be able to talk to you.” I smiled.

“True.” He smiled. “I love you Scarlett.” He kissed my cheek and squeezed my hand.

My heart sank when he said love, because I didn’t know if I felt the same way. I had just had sex with Niall, and now he was telling me he loved me. Things happened for a reason and all this must have been for a reason.

—Live While We're Young



“Tonight. Can I come over later?”

“Harry’s staying with me.” He groaned and let go of my hand and I opened the door, quickly walking down the hallway and back into the lobby. I spotted Harry standing in the middle of a small group of people and he met my gaze, waving me to come to him. I looked back at Niall, who leaned up against the wall, his hands deep in his pockets.

Unthinkable (I'm Ready)


But the love these boys have for women doesn't compare with the feelings they frequently have for each other. From Zayn and Niall...


"Of course she likes you, you’re confident and charming and cute and nice and Irish and she likes you, did I mention that I like yo-" Zayn stopped dead in his tracks and shot up from his bed wide-eyed.

My eyes were the size of golf balls. Zayn wasn’t jealous of me, he was jealous of Jane. She was flirting with me. To say that I was surprised was a horrid understatement.

—As Long As You Love Me


And those late nights, where Liam and I would just watch movies all night long. As lame as it sounds, Liam and I click. We can just sit there, not saying anything, for hours, and we would have an absolute ball.

But, those times that we would talk, we would get deep. Talking about whatever is on our mind. He would listen to me ramble on for hours, about absolutely anything.

—The Red Jumper


Harry snorts and rolls off Zayn with a pout, fuming over the lack of good morning kiss. “But I’m feeling better…”

“But you’re still sick,” Zayn retorts in an almost mocking tone, turning his head to look at his grumpy boyfriend.

The two lay in silence for several moments and Zayn finds himself drifting off. He’s awoken with a muffled cry as cold fingers dig into the waistband of his pajama pants. He props himself up on his shoulders and looks down, watching Harry hastily tug away the fabric.

—Harry's Body Shudders


Looking up he saw a mountain of gorgeous dark brown curls, and looking down he saw a face worthy of gods. He didn't dare look farther than that, because who knew what could happen if he did.

He realized he was staring and blushed deep crimson. Oh lord, he thought, this guy'll think i'm crazy , I haven't got a chance now! "N-no! It was all my fault, I really should have been running all!" Niall managed to spit out. He mentally cursed himself (and his Irish accent) for sounding so dumb.

Happily Ever After


Liam had Harry pinned against the wall gently, with his forehead resting gently on the younger lad’s.

“Why must you always wear that stupid Ramones shirt? It makes it so hard for me not to pounce you and rape you right there...” he mumbled with his eyes closed. He could feel the younger boy’s uneven breath crushing against his lips, already hypnotizing him. Just seeing Harry in that shirt made Liam’s pants feel tight.



It dawned on me, in that moment.

I mean… obviously, it follows that he must have told them. Louis must have TOLD Liam, Zayn and Harry. That he’d asked me out on a date. (WAS IT EVEN A DATE?!?! I still didn’t know WHAT I’d gotten myself into!)

And worse…

He’d probably told them all that he’d kissed me.

—The Novelist's Guide to Fame


Louis seemed adventurous today. He never missed a chance to throw me a bold, sexy glance, or to brush his hand across the my arm. And when we were in the studio and I was sprawled on a sofa, hands behind my head, Louis made me scoot and sat with his ass pressed to my crotch. He even went so far as to sneak his hand behind his back while talking to Niall and palm my package.

—You Won't Be Able to Walk Straight for a Month


“Lou?” Liam poked his head around the hallway corner, eyes red and puffy.

“Hi Liam.”

“Hi.” Liam stepped forward tentatively, feet scuffing the ground as he took a place hiding behind his mothers leg, peering to Louis behind the screen door.

“I brought you a present.” Louis offered with a shy smile, holding up a box wrapped in blue paper that had obviously been done by him. There was no finesse or ribbon, just a mess of brightly coloured paper scrunched with stickytape everywhere shining in the light of Liam’s porch.



Adorable? Did Liam really just think this guy was adorable? Passing it off as fondness for the accent, which he’d always had an guilty pleasure for, he responded:

“Nah, just here on a bit of a holiday by myself. Thought it’d be a good experience.”

“Lad! You’re in the right place and you met the right Dublin dweller!” the bell-boy chirped excitedly, bounding over to where Liam was standing by the bed.

“I would gladly show you ‘round, show you what the city’s got for ye!” He offered his hand, “I’m Niall, mate.”

Dabbling in Dublin


But none of these pairing compare to 1D fans' true obsession, the romantic coupling they've dubbed "Harry Stylinson":


Harry was sure that Louis had fallen asleep with him, but he was now nowhere to be seen. That would not do. When they were alone, Harry and Louis hardly left each other’s arms; it made it slightly easier to restrain themselves in public if they’d spent the previous hours glued at the hip.

A Moment's Consequences


We both moaned into the kiss, as Lou climbed over the gear stick, knocking off everything that I had on the centre holder in my car as he did so. I pulled him onto my lap and undid the buttons of his jeans shoving them down his legs with his grey boxers, leaving him to kick them off along with the cream Toms he was wearing that day. I moaned feeling his bulge grow against my stomach as i leaned forwards.

Larry Stylinson Car Sex


I want to be mad, I want to scream at him and tell him to get the fuck out of my room, but I can’t. I can’t be mad because it just hurts too much. I feel pathetic, how could I ever think that Harry could love me? How could I ever think that I could be good enough for him?

I Don't Want to Need You


It was still busy, but I ignored it as I focused on getting back to my flat. After my argument with him, I fled the room, jumped in my car, and drove away. The entire time I had fought back my tears, it was only now that they became too much to handle. My phone beeped on the passenger seat, and for a split second my attention was casted on the device.

And it was in that split second that it happened.

—All Your Music


And, of course, other pop stars sometimes join in:


Justin wiped his mouth and stood up. His knees cracking since he's been on them for so long. Niall. Just gaining his breath back pulls up his pants and zipped them up quickly as his name was called through the backstage speakers since it was One Direction's turn to perform.

"Better now?" Justin's voice was raspy. Niall looked at the boy just a few inches shorter than him. Justin smirked as Niall found it hard to answer him after being just sucked off before going on stage to perform in front of many girls who would love to have the opportunity Justin does.

Down to Get Down Tonight


But no one appears in more 1D fanfics than their brothers-in-boy-band, The Wanted—sometimes as rivals, sometimes as lovers:


"Is Leeds ready to rock?!’’ The Wanted were yelling. They were smiling. They had no idea what was going to happen next.

As soon as The Wanted guys began to sing, Harry tugged on the rope. We looked down to see the five buckets tip, and disgusting, green gloop dropped out of the buckets, and went all over the boys.



I was totally in my own thoughts, thinking about The Notebook, the movie I had quoted in my speech. My mind flashed once again back to a couple of days ago, thinking about me standing up against a wall with a blonde-haired guy just a couple of inches from my face. I could feel his breath against my skin just before he leaned in to..

“Lizzie, are you okay?” a voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked up at Nathan’s concerned face.

This Is Not Going to Last Forever


My phone buzzed to remind me that I hade 10 texts. This was normal morning routine. 5 texts from Niall, 5 from Siva. It made me laugh because almost each text had an insult for the other, and sometimes it even seemed there were comebacks. Sometimes I wonder if they were in the same room when they texted me.

I Wish It Wasn't a Warzone


My green eyes flicked across the display screen, hoping it would give me a clue to who this was. NS. NS. I repeated the initials in my head over and over. Well, there was that one time with… No… Surely I wouldn't have been that stupid as to give him my number? And vice versa. That was a one night stand.

—You of All People


But if you think that's crazy, be prepared for the remixes, which imagine the boys of One Direction as anything from babies to Hogwarts students:


Harry didn’t want to go to preschool. He clung to his mummy’s legs, gripping tightly to her slacks, his other hand cradling his stuffed unicorn close to his body.

”No!” he told his mum firmly, tugging insistently on her trousers to get her attention. “Wanna go home!”

—The Toddler


Simon Cowell sighed, rubbing his forehead. It was nearly three o’clock in the morning, and he was dead tired. It had been an extremely long day for him. Running a school wasn’t easy, even when the students hadn’t even arrived yet. He and the teachers had another two weeks to themselves before the horrors that called themselves children arrived.

The students, of course, would be more difficult, as Simon didn’t know them in the slightest, and it was almost guaranteed that none of them would warm up to their headmaster.

—Another Time Around


“Damn it, that sounds just like him… why doesn’t he just think things though?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Harry replied, “We just need to find him, and then we can head back to Paul’s room until the power is back on.” They took off again, doubt slowly creeping into Louis’ mind as they careened downstairs to where they assumed the control room would be. They descended deeper into the heart of the ship, and as they ran Louis couldn’t help but feel as though the ship was tilting sickeningly downwards…

—Lost in Paradise


The first time he met Liam was while buying robes and attire at Madam Malkin’s. The Payne family, Zayn had learnt, came from a long line of Gryffindors (Liam had launched into a long and extended story and information about the four houses in Hogwarts and the difference between full blood, half blood, and muggles for Zayn’s benefit while his mum helped Zayn’s parents picking cauldrons in Potage’s and than later in Slug and Jiggers). He is the only son in the family and everyone expects him to be sorted into their family house. The brown haired boy had confided to Zayn that he was terrified he will be sorted into Ravenclaw as his research had suggested that he is more of a Ravenclaw material. Zayn himself had hoped he would be a Hufflepuff as it seems like that’s where least drama would be at.



"What´s the special occasion dad?" I ask. "It´s your first day of school. Aren´t you excited to meet new people and make friends." Uh not really, I think to myself. "Well I have Zayn" I say but my quickly shoots down that little bit of happiness by telling me that Zayn goes to school on a reserve. I scarf down my breakfast and notice that I am already running late on the first day. I jump into the truck almost killing myself on the way in. I try to leave but it takes some struggling just for it to start up. Way to start off the day. It's a 5 minute drive to Forks High School.

One Direction Twilight


We finally arrived the school.

I close the car door loudly and enter the school, and there I saw, the beautiful Drew Torres, the thing that attracted me most was his beautiful flowing hair, because it was just like mine.

One Direction Meets Degrassi


Harry collected the seven fish and three crabs he had gathered with his hand made fishing net and entwined his fingers with Savannah’s before walking nervously and silently back to their homes, enjoying each other’s company for how ever long it lasted. He handed Savannah four of his fish for her family and herself before kissing her forehead and leaving. The next time he would see her would be at the reaping.

One Direction/The Hunger Games Crossover


But no matter the topic, there's one thing that unites every One Direction fanfic: The boys' hair will be an important plot point.


He had my bra unhooked fast and we both pulled my arms free of it. He kissed my neck and I tilted my head back, digging my fingers into the top of his hair. Relishing in the fact that I was allowed to fuck it up. He was such a diva about his hair most of the time. Not allowing anyone to touch it. I raked my nails through his scalp and pulled it.



Squinting and leaning forward toward him, I reach my hand out, touching his face before allowing my fingers to creep up to his hair. I felt soft and smooth curls between my fingertips and I instantly screamed, jumping backward again and covering my own mouth as I shrunk down into the corner of the couch in embarrassment. My breathing immediately accelerated as my unstable mind tried to process that I had been talking to Harry the entire time, not Liam.

Sunshine and Shenanigans


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