While it's not the tasty pop perfection of "Easier," the latest single from 5 Seconds of Summer is catchy enough to convince anyone to embroil themselves in a toxic relationship.

"Every little lie gives me butterflies," charismatic frontman Luke Hemmings sings in a piercing falsetto. "Don't know if I'm gonna make it out alive." The track's chorus goes on to describe how much of an assh*le the partner in question is, but apparently they're also really good at having sex, thus creating conflict. The single's nightmarish music video places each band member in their own form of purgatory; we watch as they struggle and ultimately fail to escape.

The track itself is soaked in melodrama. The light gasps, repeated drum patterns, and robotic guitar crunches via Tom Morello all grow exhausting and stale, carrying the dramatic industrial pop overtures of a Muse record, which would be a compliment if Muse was actually cool and not just lauded for wanting to be cool. The lyrics add to the track's cheesy demeanor: "Blood on my shirt, heart in my hand," Hemmings sings on the bridge, "still beating." While this writer still stans 5SOS to the fullest extent, we can all agree this was not a flex of the proper muscles. But check out the song above if you doubt me.

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