If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing One Direction perform live, do yourself a favor and head out to a concert. Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall are known for doing some truly wild things during shows. There are only 13 cities left in the North American leg of their Take Me Home tour, so you’ll have to act fast if you want to see them in action. Need more details? Here are eight reasons why you should find yourself a ticket ASAP.

1. They’ll answer your tweets

One of the hallmarks of a One Direction tour is the wildly entertaining interlude during which they read and answer fan questions that were posted to Twitter. This has resulted in such wonderful concert moments as the boys speaking in their best American accents, impersonating each other and trying out all kinds of ridiculous dances (see next item).

2. They’ll show off their killer dance moves

Despite the fact that Zayn nearly got booted from the X Factor for refusing to dance at bootcamp—not to mention Niall’s less-than-stellar moves that same day—the 1D boys are actually quite fond of breaking it down at their concerts. Most recently, Harry and Niall performed a quite romantic ballroom routine at a show in Louisville, Ky., and the group has practically patented this rowboat move. Perhaps most brilliant, though, was when Niall and the rest did their best Miley Cyrus impression and twerked during a concert last month in Miami.

3. They’ll strut their stuff

Teenage boys are supposed to be uncoordinated, but the boys of One Direction want to show you they’re all grown up and can walk the walk. As if the fact that they all already look like male models wasn’t enough, they’ll actually demonstrate their best catwalk strut at a show. Note the pose-striking when they get to the end of the runway.

4. They’ll shed some clothing

Specifically, it’s extremely likely that poor Harry will have some part of his perfectly-styled outfit ripped off his body by his bandmates during a solo. He’ll then scramble to re-button his shirt or pull up his pants or put on his candy thong or—wait, what? Either way, you’ll get to see some pretty weird things happen to Harry’s outfits. What more could you want?

5. They’ll heat things up…

Sure, you could swoon over a life-sized cardboard cutout of Zayn or cuddle up to a Harry doll in the privacy of your own home, but the boys are indisputably at their hottest when they’re on stage. Literally. After finishing up a cover of “Teenage Dirtbag” at a performance in Chicago, Harry threw a towel over his head to wipe off some sweat and wandered toward the back of the stage—unsuspectingly heading right into a pyrotechnics display. Luckily, Zayn pulled him away before the towel caught fire and singed Harry’s signature locks. Fitting, because if anyone knows the value of a perfect coif, it’s Zayn.

6. …And then they’ll cool things down

It’s summer, and the guys know you can only take so much of all this heat. Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered, because at a One Direction show, there’s a pretty solid chance an impromptu water fight will break out. Whether it’s courtesy of fan-supplied bottled water or just onstage mid-song, the band will do the gentlemanly thing and keep you cool and refreshed during these hot summer shows.

7. They’ll show you their soft side

If you’re worried you might shed some tears at a Take Me Home show, don’t be: The boys will cry right along with you. At a show in Glasgow, Niall and Zayn seemed to get a little emotional while singing “Little Things”, which is all about appreciating the person you’re with, imperfections and all. Sure, if anyone asks, we’re sure Zayn will say he had something in his eye, but we know him better than that.

8. They’ll take selfies with your camera

At a One Direction show, the best souvenir you’ll walk away with is the experience. That is, unless Liam hijacks your camera and proceeds to sing directly to it, selfie-style, while walking around the stage and making sure to film the rest of the guys too. In that case, we’d say that that’s probably going to be the best souvenir ever. Liam’s done this more than once, so if you’re recording the show in the front row, don’t be alarmed if he suddenly grabs your camera.

So, if one of One Direction’s last tour stops is in a city near you, we’d highly encourage you to buy tickets. Just think: Somewhere in America, Niall is still twerkin'— and you could be there to see it.