8 Things You Need to Know About "High" Singer Tiffany Houghton

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You may have heard of Tiffany Houghton from her barnstorming three-week run in the Popdust Pop-Off, but if you haven't, now's the perfect time to get onboard with the ultrabubbly pop-country singer. We were lucky enough to spend time with Tiffany last week—here are the 8 best things we learned about her, in her own words:

1. She spent time on Broadway as a kid

I've been making music since i was really little. I did some Broadway. I was an alternate on Annie. Lots of different drama that went along with that one.  I saw a lot of momagers. Crazy, crazy stuff.

2. She skipped out on prom to launch her music career

I went to Nashville for the first time when I was 15 and decided that I really needed to be there in order to hone in my craft. I was going to high school in Texas but traveling to Nashville almost every weekend. I missed homecoming and prom because I wanted to be in Nashville. It wasn't normal, but I don't think high school's normal for anybody. I knew what I wanted and I didn't veer away from that.

3. She wrote her single "High" in three hours

I tend to be totally a hopeless romantic. I was on the phone with my best friend, and I'd use started dating this guy who I was totally into. And I'm like, "I don't even know why they call it falling in love, because I feel so high and happy!" And I was like WAIT! WAIT! I gotta go. So I hung up the phone and I started writing these lyrics. And they kept coming, like word vomit. The next day I went into the studio with one of my friends and we just started snapping. A lot of times you'll go into a writing session and you'll either get stuck somewhere, but this seriously rolled. It took probably three hours. I'm serious when I say it wrote itself.

4. Her fans are the most important thing in the world to her

I want to have a real relationship with my fans. It always comes back to them. Every day, I go into my manager's office, and I'll talk for three, four hours to some fans. I've been doing that for a couple years now. They talk about all the different things about them, and I really do talk to them on like a normal level. I don't think fake stuff goes very far. People see through that. Maybe I don't have the best voice, maybe I'm not the best songwriter, but I really want to be the type of artist who connects to their fans, who talks to them, who takes the time to know them.

5. She loves her family, who have supported her all the way

My parents are awesome. I've seen a lot of parents that forced their kids into things, and my parents have never, even been like that. In fact it's totally the opposite way around. They're the biggest cheerleaders but they're never going to be coaches.

My parents always said you can do whatever you want to do. I don't remember ever thinking I would do anything else except music. One of the first memories I have, I was in the back of my dad's car, and we were listening to Shania Twain, coming through the speaker, and I was like, I want to be on the other side of that.

6. Her biggest obstacle is managing her own expectations

In this industry it s so easy to get either super super excited, or super super sad. Your heartstrings are connected to what you're doing! And so for me it's personal. Everyone's like, it's just a business, and I know that, but at the same time I care about it SO much. It's easy to get too high and it's easy to get too low. Something that I always have to be conscious and aware of is keeping a level head.

7. She's following a singles-only plan at the moment

We're doing something a little different, We're going to continue to release singles with music videos. And I'm excited because I have a lot of fun songs I've written.

8. When you interview her, she brings donuts!

Thanks, Tiffany! They were delicious.

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