If you were an MTV junkie in the late-'90s, there might not have been two more common sights on the channel than Backstreet Boys videos and Old Navy commercials. Now, nearly 15 years later after their combined heyday, the two forces will align. The group will kick things off with a free runway show today in New York's Bryant Park, and then will star in commercials for the clothing brand, starting next Wednesday. Michelle DeMartini, head of the brand's adult merchandising, explains the business strategy:

Our target customer grew up in the ’90s, and that time period conjures an emotional connection...In recent campaigns, we’ve worked with a number of actors and musicians who remind her of that nostalgic decade, such as Mr. T and Jordan Knight, and we’ve gotten really positive feedback.

Well...we're not sure about the '90sness of Mr. T, exactly, but aside from that it's hard to argue with the "emotional connection" factor. Especially because the commercials will apparently feature "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"—a song and video that were absolutely unavoidable in 1998, and never played again in the years to follow—as the soundtrack. Keep an eye out while FFing through those DV-Red commercials, guys.