98 Degrees Leaves the Door Open for New Music During "Today" Reunion Performance


It's a good week to be a child and/or music lover of the '90s. Following the Spice Girls performance at the Olympics' Closing Ceremony, all four members of 98 Degrees made their way back to the outdoor stage at Today this morning, reuniting publicly for the first time in 10 years. 10 years! Multiple boy bands have been plucked from childhood, gone through puberty, and fallen out of the public eye in that amount of time.

Just like the old days, Nick Lachey took the lead, while Jeff Timmons continued to prove why an establishment like Chippendales would be interested in his services and Justin Jeffre kept what remains of his bracket game-worthy hair out of sight, trapped beneath the fabrics of a black fedora.

All biceps were confined to full-length sleeves as the guys performed "My Everything," "I Do (Cherish You)," and "Because of You" for fans still excited by microphone dancing. The newly dubbed "man band" stole a bit of the thunder Central Pennsylvania was hoping to revel in this weekend, with the group's impending reunion performance at the Summer MixTape Festival—we're going!—slated for Saturday night in Hershey. Consider it the warm up to the main event; we've yet to experience the 2012 live version of "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)."

All that time spent in front of the camera introducing goofily named a cappella groups has treated him well, as Nick Lachey even cracked a joke or two during their chat with Savannah Guthrie, suggesting the foursome just went through those weird and hairy changes, while Drew made references to the aches and pains that comes with revisiting the best of '90s chair dancing. You won Dancing with the Stars, man! How out of shape can you be?

For those who can never get enough nostalgia, Nick left the door open for the potential of new 98 Degrees material in the future. "We view this opportunity as a chance to kind of test it out and see if it was still fun, and I think we're all very happy to say we're having a great time," he explained. Yes, fun and marketable. "I think you can expect more from us down the line." So if a new album emerges later this year or next, we know it was all because of you—and the powers of Metamucil.

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This morning's performance also gives us reason to remember one of their last visits to the show, featuring the aforementioned bilingual jam and black leather gloves. One Direction may know how to accessorize, but 98 Degrees paved the way for turtlenecks to be seen as acceptable performance attire.

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