Ten years since their last live performance together, the boys men of 98 Degrees used the opportunity given to them by the Summer MixTape Fest to entertain fans with all their hits, including early album cuts like "Heat It Up," "True to Your Heart," from Disney's Mulan soundtrack, and Nick Lachey's solo single, "What's Left of Me." Whether or not the latter was truly the biggest hit of 2006, Drew Lachey was right in explaining that a lot has changed in the music industry since their last album and live tour. Putting a momentary pause on the latest from acts like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, the guys brought things back to the late '90s, having too much fun together and totally going all-in on everything from cheesy chair-dancing to hamming it up while singing happy birthday to Mama Lachey. (She's 60!)

When looking back on where they were when they last hit the stage, Justin Jeffre reminded us that their last concert together took place on September 10, 2001, one day before the fateful attacks of September 11. In lieu of sending the otherwise jovial day into an unexpectedly somber place, he respectfully segued into a explaining how the night also featured a Michael Jackson medley, a live favorite of from their past. Beginning with an a cappella version of 98°and Rising's "She's Out of My Life," before going on to perform a mix of MJ's "Human Nature," "Wanna Be Starting Something" and "PYT." Drew beatboxed and Justin exerted more than the average amount of energy to prove that these four aren't just a bunch of balladeers who bought the same pair of jeans and decided to bust out a few ditties for the tourists exiting Hershey Park. Watch below.