There are a few things in life I’m absolutely positive of and this is one: I would have gone feral for Elvis.

In another life, I was born to be a roadie. Going on tour buses with bands across the country, living my best life with my rockstar boyfriend.

That lifestyle isn’t new – Elvis started all of it indirectly. He mesmerized people with hip-shaking dance movements and promiscuous lyrics. He made both men and women want to be freer when it came to music.

Over the years there have been plenty of odes to Elvis Presley. Many have played the crooning heartthrob, but few have done it with success. Filing those blue suede shoes is an incredible daunting project – there’s so much to get right, and so many opportunities for error and criticism.

People want an Elvis that makes them feel like he’s still with us; still an unfound symbol; still impacting the music industry as we speak. They want a star they can continue rooting for after the credits roll. For Baz Lurhmann, Austin Butler was everything and more.

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Since the release of their full-length debut Double Dare in 2016, Waterparks has constantly shifted. Each of their five albums has its own vibe and musical direction.

Their first single on Fueled by Ramen, "Funeral Gray" is more organic than the top-heavy sound of their well-received 2021 album Greatest Hits. The song sounds like it could actually be from the late '90s rather than the imitation '90s sound that some of their peers have settled on.

Jordan Edwards and Demi Ramos talked to frontman Awsten Knight about the band's evolution, the support he gets from Joel and Benji Madden, and why he's so excited for the rock resurgence.

Waterparks (Full Episode) | It's Real with Jordan and Demi

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Last week, Dutch duo Vicetone released the single "Barcelona Nights." Inflected with Spanish guitar and a laid-back dance groove, the track is an infectious summer jam that reflects Ruben den Boer and Victor Pool's global reach. It follows the album Legacy, released last year.

Since forming a decade ago, Vicetone have become festival favorites and in-demand producers. They've also remixed songs by superstars like Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, and Adele. Listeners may know them best from singles like "Astronomia" and "Something Strange," which both boast more than 270 million Spotify streams.

Pool and den Boer took a break from recording to talk to our Ryan Gingery about "Barcelona Nights," how they approach remixes, and life in their home base of Nashville. Watch the full interview (and the track's visualizer) below.

Live with Vicetone! Hosted by Ryan Gingery

Vicetone - Barcelona Nights (Official Audio)