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CeeLo Green Has Less Than Zero Room to Criticize Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion

The "I Think You're Crazy Singer" has come through with another tone deaf take.

Singer-Songwriter CeeLo Green, AKA Thomas Callaway, has one of the best voices in the music industry.

It's why he was chosen as one of the original celebrity coaches on The Voice. He can hit notes that other singers wouldn't dream of and deliver them with some serious power. But too often the way he chooses to use that impressive voice is...not great.

When the Gnarls Barkley singer isn't harkening back to the golden era of soul music with breathy tones and soaring notes, he's harkening back to the fetid era of old school misogyny, with takes that are completely tone deaf.

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Kate Nash Was Never a One Hit Wonder

The multi-faceted musician has always done whatever she wanted, and that's beautiful

On this day in 2007, Kate Nash released Made of Bricks and became the most talked-about artist in England.

She had previously been floated by Lily Allen, who, like Nash, made snarky pop songs camouflaged in an eerie jubilance. Nash's debut, which was propelled by the sleeper hit "Foundations," skyrocketed her to commercial success at just 20-years-old. She performed at festivals across the country, conquered late-night TV performances, and developed a buzzing reputation as Britain's next big pop star.

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The only band making folk music cool again is back today with a new single and companion video.

With plenty of their trademark banjo sound, CAAMP's new single, "Fall, Fall, Fall" is an emotional tune about changing the world for the better. Lead singer Taylor Meier says of the song, "'Fall, Fall, Fall' is a song about change - prescribe whatever meaning to that as fits your spirit, but for all of us, the main themes are racial and environmental injustices." He continues, "We just want more folks to hear this message, especially in these divisive and culturally tense times."

Caamp - Fall, Fall, Fall (Official Video)

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