I moved to the New York City area last August, and one of the first venues I heard of was the elusive Brooklyn Mirage. It’s a live music venue located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York where any DJ whose anybody plays night after night in the summer. It draws huge crowds, fans of EDM and people who just like dance music come together in this courtyard-esque venue.

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Last week, Australian singer-songwriter grentperez released the EP When We Were Younger. The seven-track set includes the same smooth vocals and intimate lyrics that's gained him fans around the world. The production is a little more adventurous, with unexpected percussion and dreamy layers of keys and guitars.

In this episode of The Demi Ramos Show, grentperez talks about songwriting, growing up in a Filipino household, and the origins of his viral hit "Cherry Wine." He even blessed us with an exclusive acoustic performance of his new song "Silver Lining."

Watch the show and stream When We Were Younger below.

grentperez | The Demi Ramos Show

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