It's a new look for Justin Bieber for sure, but damned if it doesn't kind of work. OK, it's probably not the next career direction for Bieber—though if Calvin Harris seems to be the only producer Rihanna can manage a crossover smash with these days, maybe it's not impossible that Bieber gets there eventually—but DJ Vice's super-house (that's a genre, right?) remix of his "Boyfriend" puts the original...well, maybe not to shame, but certainly on notice. Twisting Bieber's chorus into a robotic, near-voice-of-God chant, over a storming beat with an absolutely vicious break, the thing absolutely slays. It couldn't be much further than what the Bieb and the Pos (that's Mike Posner, co-writer/producer) originally envisioned for the song, but we might like it as much.

Of course, we have to wait until the remix's novelty wears off totally to properly assess it—if we still like it as much after 20 listens as we did with the original version, then we'll know that DJ Vice was really onto something here. Either way, we're digging it way more than that Ying Yang Twins remix from earlier. Look out for that drop!