It wasn't exactly the reason(s) you forwarded it to (or had it forwarded to you from) all your friends, but chances are, you at least incidentally noticed the song playing in that video of Kate Upton dancing in a bikini for Terry Richardson's pervy delight. That would be "Cat Daddy" by West Coast rap trio The Rej3ctz, a song, video and dance that became a minor phenomenon in 2010 and '11, partly due to Chris Brown's performance of the dance on a 106 & Park episode in 2010. It never got quite as big as the "Dougie," but now with Upton bringing it back to national prominence, the sky's the limit for the Rej3ctz.

Hopefully, though, the Rej3ctz will continue to remember the people who repped for them before one of the world's hottest women made them cool again. Here's an assortment of other random folks doing the dance with which Upton may now always be associated:

A Spanish Teacher

A Very Young Kid With a Very Big Head

Fat Batman

Coach Rick

A Grandma

Some Kids in Throwback Jerseys

Giant Elmo

Famous Kid Brick

What The Hell Kate Upton Again