If there's embarrassing childhood secrets, an awkward freeze-frame and a whole lot of records, it's probably a Nardwuar the Human Serviette interview. The inimitable Canuck sat down with Oakland rapper Kreayshawn for a discussion that, for some reason, did not involve how they both spell their stage names with superfluous vowels. Subject matters did however include her mom's careers as both a musician ("That's where I get my swag from") and an employee at a sex ty shop ("I did my homework around a whole bunch of dildos…You know, it's all good."), her love of Sun Ra ("[Nuclear War], that's the jam when you wanna get high") and 112 ("I did lose my virginity to a 112 song, 'We can do it anywhere'...they made great baby-making music), and her rumored relationship with Da Brat. ("She hit me up to work together, not to have sex together").

Nardwuar has not done an inessential rapper interview before now, and the animated and always-game Kreayshawn certainly does not mark the first. Check it out below.