While you were stuffing your face with reckless abandon in preparation for the return of Revenge this weekend, Justin Bieber was fighting off a stomach bug in front of thousands of screaming fans. The Bieb threw up during opening show of his Believe tour on Saturday night in Glendale, Ariz., falling ill before our eyes and leaving a lot behind for Beliebers of the Grand Canyon State to fight over. If you missed any of the footage of Bieber puking onstage, here's an easily digestible version of the unplanned outpouring of his stomach contents:



Nasty, right? Let's take a closer look...



The sudden queasiness led to some swift onstage clean-up, and Bieber heading backstage for a momentary respite not once, but twice—which likely included a quick meal of ginger ale and Saltines. Despite the setback, he managed to complete the show, because he know the definition of professionalism. Seeing him hurled over and heaving had many a fan worried about the state of their idol. Was he sick? Battling epic nerves? Did someone poison his pre-show meal?! When Bieber bleeds, they bleed, and when he pukes, they... overreact on Twitter:



Now that he's spoken about the incident to his fans, endearingly blamed it all on a Will Ferrell line and completed another full show sans vomit, we can joke about this right? OK! Imagine if that stuff came back the other way. Yikes.