Rick Ross will release his too-perfectly titled God Forgives, I Don't album on December 13th, but he's done us the huge favor of stopping by Funkmaster Flex's radio show on New York's Hot 97 to preview a couple of the songs ahead of time, "I Love My Bitches" and "You the Boss". The songs with a couple of big-name collaborator guests: '00s super-producer Just Blaze, who gives "Bitches" the kind of pitched-up soul sample he made his name on, and rap's Best Supporting Actress Nicki Minaj, who provides the "You the boss / Y-Y-You the bossman" chorus hook for the Prince-esque slow jam "Boss." (Don't worry, Ricky is still rapping, not singing on the latter.)

The verdict? Well, on a scale from Boss to Not Boss, we'd have to say these songs register much closer to the Boss end of the spectrum. We're pretty sure you'll be hearing a lot more of both of them before December.