Iggy Azalea has been compared to Kreayshawn (we get it, both are white female rappers) but she actually might have more in common with Lana Del Rey. Both up-and-comers have unusual voices, long hair, full lips and model-esque figures; both are being courted by the fashion industry. Lana has a campaign out with H&M, while Iggy has been shot for British brand House of Holland and will be walking in a New York Fashion Week show.

Iggy's model ambitions are on full display in a behind-the-scenes video from Hearty magazine in which she poses in denim cut-offs, a black leather vest, and a pair of sold-out Proenza Schouler Gustav booties. During the shoot, the Australian-born musician shares some interesting tips for feeling confident in your look. We've transcribed each, and translated it from Iggy-speak to English.


"My dad always says, wear the tallest heels you can and stand really close to short men. If they have a small dick it will shrivel up. And if they don't then don't worry about it." Translated: Be aggressive with your look and always go on the offensive.


"Whatever it is that you are, just own it and don't feel like you have to owe anything to anybody else or have big tits or a big ass. But if you do, that's cool too. Even with me being so pale. You know how many free tans I get offered? I'm fucking not interested, okay?" Translated: Stop worrying about what other people think.


"It's about knowing yourself and being fucking cool with it and rocking that shit." Translated: Be confident in who you are.