A Gucci Mane / Waka Flocka Reality Show: A Great, Terrible Idea

Gucci Mane, the word-obsessed, forever-troubled rapper who got a big giant ice cream cone tattooed on his face after getting out of a mental institution, is developing a reality show with the recently arrested, dreadlocked shout-rapper Waka Flocka Flame—who also happens to be the son of Gucci's on-again, off-again manager Debra Antney.

The whole thing's ripe for exploitation and there's more than enough dysfunction to go around, but according to Gucci, the plan's to humanize these Atlanta rap maniacs: "I think they'll get a laugh more than anything," he told Rumor Fix. "I'm not serious all the time. People think we are thugs because of our music." Getting arrested pretty much all the time will give people the impression that you're a thug as well, Gucci.

Still, a Gucci/Flocka reality show has some potential. These guys have a really fascinating, complex friendship. Even when Gucci temporarily left Mizay Entertainment, run by Flocka's mom, and the two were no longer speaking, their relationship never devolved into rote rap beef. Gucci didn't appear on Flocka's album Flockaveli, but he was shouted out, and Gucci has since returned to Mizay. Flocka, who has inexplicably entered the mainstream via "No Hands," has remained a doggedly independent artist; the last song on Flockaveli's titled

And anyone listening to Gucci's music should spot the sly humor in songs like "Lemonade." You don't rock a massive Bart Simpson chain (or if you're Flocka, a Fozzie Bear chain) if you take yourself all that seriously. These are knowing, complicated guys and though reality TV's not so good with gray areas, a show featuring the two of them has potential to become something better than Flavor Of Love or Three 6 Mafia's short-lived MTV series Adventures In Hollyhood.

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