Day Six, and Haylor is still going strong, as Harry Styles and Taylor Swift continue to shove their precious and playful new love in our faces. While we're not exactly sure how long this will last, or who is using who, one thing the steady stream of photos following their nightly sleepovers has lead us to realize is that we definitely need new winter wear this season. Whatever your thoughts on either party, don't you want to just crawl into their cozy jacket and scarf pairings and hibernate until March? We certainly do.

If Justin and Selena are going to be vague and mysterious about their relationship status, we must analyze every detail of this potential heir to the Greatest Couple of Our Time's throne—at least while they're in the same zip code. Below, a recap of their whirlwind week around New York City, which mostly consists pre and post-sleepover snapshots.

Sunday December 2

After rumblings of a possible spring fling and X Factor flirtation this fall, gossip seemed slightly legitimized with word hit the two were having a day date in Central Park, along with Harry's stylist, her fiance and her daughter.

Harry Styles Taylor Swift

Is this a group hang, or a way for Taylor to judge whether or not Harry will be a good father to her child? Er, look at the seals!

Monday December 3

Harry and One Direction hit Madison Square Garden while Taylor schmoozed with her ex-boyfriend's family, or as she probably described it to Harry, "had a work thing."

They eventually met up at the 1D's after-party at the Hudson Hotel, where they sang karaoke ("Islands in the Stream" and "Don't Go Breaking My Heart") until 4 a.m.

And then? The pair headed back to Taylor's suite at the Greenwich Hotel, hand-in-hand. Minor PDA alert, but nothing to freak out over just yet.

Like any English gentleman, he comes prepared. Taylor always hated Jake's breath in the morning.

Tuesday December 4

Harry and Taylor were spotted leaving her downtown hotel separately. Don't forget that toiletry bag, Hazza! (And yes, you've likely earned that water.)

Harry was back hours later—clearly the previous night's activities were still on his mind—only this time with a bigger bag. Just imagine what could be inside...

Wednesday December 5

Once again, Harry and his hair were seen leaving Taylor's temporary downtown residence during the early morning hours.

That would be it for the day, as Taylor was preoccupied with hosting the Grammy nominations show from her hometown. This explains how Harry had time to answer so many questions—and pose so many thoughtful observations—on Twitter.

But we think he was getting a little bored all by his lonesome (sorry, guys).

Hopefully he thought to send a congratulatory text following her own Grammy nods.

Thursday December 6

The two were spotted at the Crosby Hotel for a birthday party with Taylor's gal pals Dianna Agron and Emma Stone.

Harry Styles Taylor Swift NYC Dates

Harry found time to pose for photos with fans upon leaving the shindig, but reports from inside claim he kept his arm around Taylor and the two were seen kissing all night long. Hold back those tears, Harry lovers.

Friday December 7

Wherever Harry slept last night (and we think we know where) he certainly woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.

T-minus seven hours until Z100's Jingle Ball gets underway, and Harry is once again reunited with his princess backstage—unless they decide to do afternoon tea, in which case, invite us! At the rate they're moving this week, why not take their newfound spark to the stage with a live duet? The holiday season is the perfect time for grand romantic gestures and Justin Bieber loves bringing people together.