We recently wrote about the increasing number of overblown scandals that female K-pop stars have been hit with over the past year in our post about the current KARA drama. To refresh your memory, T-ara, IU, and Crayon Pop were all eaten alive by Korean netizens for Twitter blunders, SECRET's Hyosung was branded an "ilbe bug" after netizens linked her to a controversial right-wing forum because she accidentally misused the word "democratization" in an interview (don't ask us how the two are linked, because we still don't get it), and just last week, KARA and Clara came under fire following separate variety show appearances (KARA was accused of rude behaviour, and Clara was attacked for allegedly trying to pass off an internet recipe as her own).

Just when it looked like the K-pop scandal machine couldn't get any more ridiculous and witch hunt-y, Girl's Day's Yura is now in trouble for looking at miss A's Suzy the wrong way. Fans caught Yura giving Suzy the good ol' up 'n' down at the Idol Athletics Championships, which netizens have officially deemed to be a shady stare. And just like past scandals (T-ara's in particular) it's already leading to unfounded fabrications and exaggerations, such as this gem: "Some even speculated that Yura and Hyeri were gossiping about Suzy in the clip, with a few going as far as to suggest that Yura was jealous of Suzy for filming 'Book of the House of Gu' with her ideal type Lee Seung Gi."

Girl's Day's agency has now issued an official statement on the alleged shade in a bid to bite the scandal in the butt before it gets too big.

"Yura wasn't glaring at Suzy... Because of the angle at which the video was shot in addition to other factors, it seemed like she was giving off a bad look... Although [Yura] and Suzy do not have a close relationship, they've met a couple times before... Yura doesn't have any ill-feelings toward her, so she is sad that a misunderstanding like this has come about... Yura has said personally that she likes Suzy a lot... She also has various photos of Suzy saved on her phone."

What's next? Is someone going to get in trouble for breathing soon?

Hopefully this will blow over before it turns into the next T-ara-gate. It doesn't help Yura's case that Girl's Day --while very popular-- have a bit of a bad reputation due to their sexy image and Hyeri's controversial relationship with an older man, while Suzy is widely regarded as Korea's sweetheart and ultimate beauty queen. On the plus side, netizens are probably too busy waving their pitchforks at KARA and Clara to invest too much energy into further blowing up Yura's stare.

[Via AllKPop]