It's something like Rule 39 of the Internet (kids, just take that at face value and please don't look up any other rules) that if something exists in pop culture, it's going to have a Flash game made of it. As you'll be able to tell in abundance come Halloween and a glut of Minnie Mouse-eared costumes, Kreayshawn exists in pop culture. So of course she'd have a game made about her, turned into an old-school platformer where you browse a world map with locations like the beach, the mall and anyplace else basic bitches would be located, so you can shoot swag, presumably from the ovaries, and leap for popsicles. In other words, a standard Kreayshawn plotline (our media editor: "I think it tells the story of her life.")

The game's for a good cause, incidentally. This is designer Beth Maher's first game; she made it as part of the Difference Engine Initiative, which encourages girls and women to be more involved and represented in the games industry. Its ambitions include storylines beyond "Gucci Gucci," of course, but you also wouldn't be reading about it here without that connection. But enough static writing. Play the game below, assuming you've not got work- or class-related responsibilities, of course.


Mouse to select

Arrow keys to move

Z to jump (tip: you can double- and triple-jump)

X to shoot

E to exit to world map

R to reset the level

[The Hairpin]