A Look Behind the Scenes of the New "Twin Peaks"

Kyle MacLachlan and the cast of the new "Twin Peaks" build some major hype for the forthcoming reboot.

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Following the appropriately bizarre teaser, the Twin Peaks production team has released a new behind-the-scenes video featuring interviews from the cast who can't say enough about the genius of the show.

Featuring fan favorites like Jim Belushi, Kyle MacLachlan, and Kimmy Robertson, the video covers the broader elements of the new "Twin Peaks" experience. Miguel Ferrer, who plays Albert Rosenfeld, even goes so far as to say the show covers "the entirety of the human experience." With all that hype it has to be at least a little bit amazing, right?

Beyond the testimonials, the video features on-brand visuals from the show like lush forests, picturesque towns, and even the beloved Twin Peaks Sheriff's Office. This is comforting for fans of David Lynch, whose unique visual style would be sorely missed otherwise.

Check out the behind-the-scenes below:

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