First and foremost, a hearty congratulations from us here at Popdust to the Dallas Mavericks, and finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki, for winning their first NBA championship in franchise history, at the expense of the unprecedently hyped Miami Heat. The Mavs held strong through a rough first shooting half from the German Moses in Game Six last night, and pulled away in the fourth quarter for a surprisingly easy 105 - 95 victory, winning the series four games to two, in the process ensuring a glorious third-straight off-season of "What is the fucking deal with that LeBron James?" questioning.

The world's eyes—those not tuned to the Tonys, anyway—were on the American Airlines Arena last night, and that included a number of leading lights from the pop community. Some were disappointed with the result, others vindicated, others pleased, but drunk and hungry. Observe, a cross-section of pop star response:

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